Thanks for KI-AKU long-standing collaboration

Karolinska Institutet Medical University has been involved in collaboration projects wih Pakistan, and especially with Aga Khan University (AKU) in Karachi, since the 1950’s. Professor Emeritus Bo Lindblad at IHCAR has been instrumental in much of these projects. Read his report on half a century of KI–AKU collaboration.
In March 2018, Aga Khan University sent an official letter thanking the President, Members of the Faculty and Members of the Administration of KI for their interest in, support of and contribution to the old and still ongoing collaboration with Karolinska Institutet). In the document, it is mentioned that the collaboration has created research leaders, research groups, besides good will for Sweden and KI and increased the research capacity within low-income areas of South Asia and East Africa. The PhD theses have been defended at KI and the papers in them published. A list of total publications from the teams involved is available at AKU and a summary of the projects with results is being prepared at AKU. Read the inspiring document.