SASNET/CMES seminar on Hindu/Perso-Arabic connection with Jainism

Olle  Qvarnström and Martin Gansten.

Professor Olle Qvarnström and Associate Professor Martin Gansten, researchers in History of Religion at the Centre of Theology and Religious Studies (CTR), Lund University, held a SASNET/CMES lecture at Lund University on Thursday 25 February 2016, 15.00–17.00. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the Center of Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), and was entitled ”Hindu Reception of Perso-Arabic Traditions of Knowledge and the Role of Jainism in Cultural Transmission”. 
The seminar was based on an ongoing research project carried out by Qvarnström and Gansten, in a field where, till now, almost no research has been done. They focus on Sanskrit-language reception of Islamic divination/astrology. The few studies which have been made generally relate to Jaina-Muslim relations in later periods in history. The Lund University project therefore constitutes vital foundational research. The research work, dealing chiefly with medieval textual sources and based on philology and historical criticism, is related to the areas of previous research and specialist competence of the applicants, with regard both to reception history and interreligious relations. Research results will be published as English-language articles and at least one monograph. Qvarnström and Gansten will also participate in international research networks focussing on Persian-Indian cultural exchanges, history of astral disciplines, and Jainology.  Read more about the research project.
The seminar is part of a joint SASNET/CMES seminar series during the spring 2016. View full program here.